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1. Acceptance of change. This is the first step in order to be a grown-up woman. You need to recognise which ones are you going to keep or let go, whether it is a thing, person, event, or emotion.

2. Girls tak about other girls; Women empower each other. If you want a change, start it on yourself first. If you are fond of making rumors about people around you, maybe it’s about time to look at yourself and see if there’s anything good (I’m sure there is) you can share with people then, use it to inspire and influence them in a good way.

3. Inspire others and see the good in everything, in every situation. As what I mentioned above, share good things with people. Sometimes, there are events or things that we really don’t want to see or to happen but keep in mind that there’s a reason for everything and that struggle may be just a beginning of something really good. Sometimes, a painful moment could shape us into a better person to help us perform our missions in life.

4. Be more of „logical“ than be „emotional.“ It’s normal to be emotional but if it is too much then it can overpower our thinking and ability to see the real situation and solve problems. Give time for yourself. Give some time to slow down your thoughts and by that, you’ll have a better insight on a situation.

5. Don’t use emotions as an excuse to fight back to those who are considered „frienemies.“ Yes, some time of our lives, we will meet frienemies. But remember that being angry to the highest level, making too much noise in the social media to talk about them is not really the solution. Sometimes, it is better to talk to them in a more professional way because you’re not being too close or too aloof with them. Just treat them right and avoid sharing secrets.

6. Use talent and skills in order to have a good relationship with people. You may be good in cooking, writing, dancing, singing or in academics and you can share it with people through helping or teaching how you learned it. Through this, you can gain friends and have good rapport at work or school, but be careful with frienemies.

7. Avoid being pessimistic, envious and jealous. Instead, focus on the blessings you have and about to have. Those negative traits don’t bring any good in any person. It’s just going to pull you down so maintain positive thoughts.

8. Avoid being irrational and overly needy. Sometimes, we get too attached to things, or people we love but being overly needy and irrational pushes them even more. The best thing to do when you find yourself becoming overly needy is to find something to do, something you would really enjoy so that you’ll distract your energy to a particular thing or person.

9. Be confident. Be yourself. Be spontaneous. Be candid. Don’t be afraid to show people who you really are. What matters is that you are true to them. Crack some jokes if you must. This makes the circle fun, exciting and it strengthens the bond among friends.

10. Be a role model of feminine empowerment. Ladies, I call your attention here. Being feminine does not mean having too many boys around you. A true feminine is soft, loving, and compassionate. These are the powerful traits of a woman and something to keep no matter how the time changes.

11. Be Kind, lovely, respectful, humble and calm~ as often as possible. It adds to the feminine traits that every woman should have and it helps build good relationship with people as well.

12. Don’t be afraid to try new things. It feels good to learn different things and it helps you discover your inner strengths and hidden talents.

13. Spend time with family and friends. They are the people who matters with us; they make us feel secure and loved so as much as possible, we should keep a good bonding time with them, regularly.

14. Enjoy „self time“ even if it means doing it alone. solitude is also healthy for a person. Being alone at times helps you unwind and meditate about the past events.

15. Never chase any man! Hey hey hey…. I included this on the list..Yes, it doesn’t make a good sense chasing any man, and it will only push him away if you do, so just focus on taking care of yourself and do your old hobbies. This is also the right time to meet your girlfriends and have a bonding together. So if you feel like chasing your man, then try calling your friends instead!

16. Always continue to live and love. Life will never be a bed of roses all the time so whatever it brings you, whether it is extremely good or not, remember that life must go on. Don’t stop just because you failed at doing something or a relationship did not work out. Life is God-given so we should take care of it by doing our best in everything even if at times, it would mean letting go.

17. Seek God’s guidance in everything. Put God first in everything that you do and let Him do the rest.

18. Choose your partner wisely. This is a big determinant of happiness or sadness so choose your partner wisely. If you marry the wrong person, chances are you’ll be in great distress and disappointment.

19. SAy NO if it is needed. Agree if you must. Having your own point of view means that you can stand on it and you are not just like a wave in the ocean that hits different sides of the rocks.

20. Don’t be a people pleaser. In the end, you’ll be the loser one so don’t try to be. If you are an orange, don’t change to become a banana just because a banana lover comes along. Wait patiently for that orange lover!

21. Follow and reach your dreams. This will most likely determine your success, through God’s guidance. Even if it’s hard, don’t ever give up.

22. Remind yourself that „you can“ and „you are good enough“ This promotes self- confidence and helps you do your best. Try it!

23. Do good things. Be happy. A good deed will always result to good things. Start acting now if you can.

24. Practice it regularly~ as often as you can, ASAP ^_^

see yah!

a touch of feminine grace ❤


Have a great day!

-Izell ❤