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It’s easier said than done, yes it is. We have heard from different people that positive attitude attracts positive feeling and positive things but how does it really mean to be ‚positive‘ in feelings, circumstances, and everything?

Being positive does not necessarily mean that you will not think of the other side of the story. It doesn’t mean that you’ll only see the good and ignore all the negatives but it means making the best that you can in whatever situation you have. It is being considerate with the reasons why certain things has to come. It is about having to cope with new challenges or let’s call it stress if it’s more applicable, and be able to rediscover ourselves and inner strength in the process. It means finding peace of mind amidst the crazy things that we often worry about. It is being able to love and care for ourselves and others too inspite of everything. It is being able to look forward to the beauty that awaits after storm.

As I said, it is easier said than done. Because sometimes when we face different problems at a time, we tend to forget how to be positive and just gets drowned in the pool of negative vibes. Take it slow, keep on praying and believing that it doesn’t end there, because it is just a road that we have to cross in order to get to our destinations.


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Challenges are here with us since birth to teach us how to be grateful when we find comfort because we will never understand what comfort and happiness means if we never experience hardships. It is also a way to test our patience and behavior towards the gift that we are about to receive, if we are able to remain good while waiting for that blessing.

It takes alot of time and effort to overthink about daily events and problems but it only takes one decision to change it, and that is to take things positively.