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Awhile ago I went to Manila to have an eye check-up again after 5 years. I loved the new eye frames available in the clinic because they are so feminine and so cute. I decided to update my eyeglasses because lately I can feel some heaviness on my eyes. When the optometrist was examining my vision, she told me that my eyes‘ grade is too high. Actually it was just the same way back 5 years but for my age, she told me that it should not be like that because I am still young. She also told me that if I will not consistently wear my glasses, my eyes would be lazy and get used to what it can only visualize until it worsen and maybe in five years later might lead to blindness. I was scared because I still have many dreams to accomplish and I don’t want to lose my sight. So the intervention that she told me was to always wear my glasses so that my eyes will sense that there is still something clearer than what I can see. After that eye checkup, I left the clinic for sometime so that I can meet my friends and told them that I will just be back later to claim my item.

Upon arriving at Manila Grand Opera Hotel, I met my friends Diane, Vivian and her kids, Jane, and Kuya Ricky. I truly missed them and yes the time flies so fast and I couldn’t just imagine how 3 months just passed by. We had sharing of different stories, picture taking especially with Baby Zane, son of Vivian. Ofcourse we had our dinner there too. I love their foods and while eating I noticed something about the lazy susan. Vivian was about to get her food so I did not turn the lazy susan yet and next was her son and then Kuya Ricky. After our dinner, we went home safe with much happiness in our hearts.

The lessons I learned firstly about the eyeglasses is that, there is still something more and much better than what we can see for now. We should not get stucked up in what we are used to doing. We must continue to look forward to something better and brighter and keep on learning.

Next is about the lazy susan, I realized that we had our own turn and could not just pick the food or anything, anytime that we want. Ofcourse we can turn it if we really want but it would just result to mess and maybe hurt feelings if we don’t allow the other to take their own turn. It is also the same for reaching success, the love or events in our lives. Yes we can always turn things the way we want it but if it’s not yet our turn then it would lead to feelings of failure, heartbroken and loneliness.

Though we might feel that we are left out, it is still better to wait for God to intervene because He is a wise God and He knows what exactly is best for us.