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You mean so much to me. You are so special, the only man who occupies this fist-sized organ at the center of my body. I am grateful that once in my life we crossed paths, in the most unexpected time. I couldn’t just imagine how everything might have gone if it weren’t done. You must have taught me alot and even allowed me to grow in beauty- to see things that are worthwhile; to cherish every moment spent together or apart. You must have taught me what true love is.

I knew that not everything in me is so lovable. I fear many things and it somehow affects my judgment and reasoning. I felt jealous many times over and over,  cried about it most of the nights and couldn’t help it. Saying all these to you makes me want to hide but it’s all that I am, just exactly how you need to know.

As smooth as silk, the words you said, struck my very soul and warmed my feelings, once more. Like the fire rekindled after it has been blown by the wind, is the same as how much as I would like to write a new story, with you in it.  For this, I promise to take away and let go all the thorns I had and swear to love you through and through til the dawn.

7:54 am November 11, 2014