Last week, I already started to meet my students in Nuclear Medicine and in Digital Subtraction Angiography and I felt really wonderful. I could not fully explain how happy I am to become an instructor because once I was just sitting there and listening to my teacher too! Yes, I would be teaching in the school where I used to attend. It’s such an honor and blessing for me to be there and share great ideas with students.

To my excitement, I already prepared them their lectures and been looking to it over and over and trying to figure out how am I going to discuss it with them without losing their interest in listening and just a week after it, Our Dean told me that I would be the one to possibly hold the subject in Community (something like that). I was touched by it because it will involve lecture and actual community learning.

I feel so blessed lately in my chosen field because the dreams that I once have are now starting to happen. Maybe I wasn’t able to get a particular goal before but this is much more rewarding than that so no need to feel sad but only grateful.