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from facebook

Looking back on the past year is something that I usually do before it ends because I want to reminisce all the the trials that I came to pass thru God’s help and be thankful for all the blessings I received. It feels soothing to my mind whenever I remember how things gone well when I thought it would fail.This year has taught me alot and even changed me to have a clearer vision of life.

First, I learned to be faithful to God that He can do something and that I need to trust Him and His will. Being caught in a situation where I can do nothing, I learned to surrender and I have seen how He intervened and helped me through it. He gave my life a direction and He also shaped my character. Thanks be to God.

Second, I learned to take better care for myself and spend time with my family and friends. They are the ones who truly matter and whatever happens they are the ones who has got my back.

Third, problems are just problems and if it has no solution then it means it’s not for me to solve anymore. All it takes is a pure heart and intention, and the answer is found just a distance between the knee and the floor.

Fourth, always find something to be grateful for. Sometimes it is very hard to be grateful when I have more and more problems as if there’s no way out for it. But the fact that I am alive is a great blessing! Working in a hospital has taught me that life is important because there are people who struggle for it so we must live our lives with purpose and not just live in vain.

Fifth, some people really like to take advantage but I learned to see the true advantage in their actions. Because of that, I was able to train myself not relying on anyone when it comes to doing my duty. Before doing anything, I begin with a prayer and it really works.

Sixth, love comes when the time is right. If it’s meant to be then it will happen. No matter how hard the challenges may come. Resenting over and over has not helped me and it has clouded up my mind for so long. When I finally learned how to let things happen the way it should, that helped our relationship to blossom like flowers in the spring. My special someone and I had a greater feeling of love towards each other and trust is developed. I have learned to love him more when I saw the goodness of his heart and I started to appreciate him just the way he is.

Lastly, inspiring people has made me feel better. I’m not perfect and my life is not too but whenever I share to people what is inside my heart, it relieves me. It gives me a good feeling and allows me to look into life in different angles. It has broaden my thinking and I learned to give considerations in situations I am in.

Happy New Year to all of us! May the next year be full of happiness and surprises as well! Cheers!