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I miss you baby sweeties! I got too busy with my job for the past months so it took me a long time before I posted this one. I actually realized how using natural products give more advantage, be it for the internal or external health of the body. Also it helps lessen the expenses without the worry of being harmed by chemicals found in most of artificial products.

Here, I’m just going to share a simple beauty tip that will help you achieve the soft and smooth skin that you always love.


½ teaspoon of raw honey
Mineral water
A pinch of salt
Empty spray bottle
Mixing cup
Teaspoon / stick for mixing


1. On a mixing cup, put ½ teaspoon of raw honey, pinch of salt and mineral water (50 ml is enough but you can add more depending on the size of the spray bottle).
2. Mix the ingredients very well until the salt is dissolved and the honey is diluted with the water, making it turn to yellowish.
3. Transfer the solution to the spraying bottle and keep tightly closed.

How to use:

1. After washing your face with soap and water, pat it dry and spray the honey mist.

2. Gently spread the honey mist on your entire face and let it dry for few minutes.

3. You will notice that it becomes a little bit sticky. Just let it be. This effect will be the moisturizer. Don’t rinse it, later on the sticky feeling will be gone and you will feel a soft and smooth skin.

Give it a try and see for yourself how honey mist can make a difference for your skin.

Have a nice evening!:)