There’s nothing more satisfying than having a good relationship with other people especially of the opposite sex. Couples, at first, usually have an attraction towards each other but there are times, when pressure and stress come, things become different. It is so common that women become overly emotional and resentful and men seem not to listen and back off. This is something not taught in schools, and sometimes not even our parents could teach us why this happens but if we are aware of our „differences“ when it comes to communicating and how men and women think, the problem lessens and our relationship grows in beauty.

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I am not a relationship expert. I just want to share my insight and proven techniques on how to make the opposite sex listen without losing yourself in the process of loving him. It is actually hard in the beginning especially these days when women are taught to be strong and be equal to men in terms of career. It’s okay to be equal but not necessarily „the same.“ But once you are able to master your communication skills effectively, it becomes a part of your being and it’s really helpful to maintain a long and lasting love.

Men are known to be direct while women are indirect when it comes to speaking and yes women are more effective communicators. Men also love sex before feeling the love and women want commitment before romance and making love. During stressful times, men  pull away and resolve their problems on their own while women love to talk and share even if it means not finding the solution at all. Also, men often give solutions to women’s problems while women offer advices. Men want to be trusted first and foremost and women want reassurance. These are just some of the differences between men and women and it is often unrecognized and even forgotten at all. Being a woman, trusting a beloved man is one of the best ways on how to keep him, next to it is loyalty and appreciation. A simple expression of gratitude works like a miracle to keep his heart. When you appreciate every little thing he does, he becomes more eager to give and when you trust him, he is less likely to do the other way around. On the other hand, women likes to be reassured that they are loved by doing small simple things, even if a man has already did something big for her. She also wants to communicate and a man who has a plan. Women however needs to understand that there is a quiet time for men wherein he needs space for himself to resolve problems and issues on his own without the unsolicited advice that women always give. This is what threatens women– When he is quiet and she wants to talk about the problem and this is when the conflict occurs. Because of this women are being accused by men of talking so much when all they need is silence and women read it as being cold and distant. I’ve been thru this and it sucks when I wasn’t able to understand it at first. My relationship with my boyfriend was put to a challenge and even lead to parting of our ways. All I wanted that time was for him to text me everyday and for us to meet more often. I have always felt insecure and jealous over simple things and when he is quiet I become resentful. I am glad that it all happened to us because it taught me the things I never knew since I became a human. After some effort to understand men and women’s differences, and thru God’s intervention, we got back into love again last year with much more happiness and warmth. I realized the importance of knowing myself and what gives me resentful feelings toward my boyfriend and how to divert my attention and make recreational activities whenever I feel he is pulling away. Now, I am much better and somehow, more comfortable that when he pulls away, eventually he will get back and even more loving to me. It also helped me to become receptive of what he can give to me and relax a little bit more.

These are just some things that we must understand so that we can build or maintain a good and happy relationship. There’s no harm in trying what really works and  it is never too late to love your partner the right  way  <3<3<3