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It’s not a magic nor an illusion. It is something you just feel like an ‚aha‘ moment and can’t really explain. Women often experience this and even without a clue, can give absolute precaution before anyone else does. Have you ever experienced a heavy feeling in a particular day and you decided not to go for any uncertain reason and later find out that there’s something not good in that place you are about to head? Or you are having a second thought if you will open that particular magazine / letter or not and when you opened it, you find there the exact thing you were looking for? Or you were thinking about the right answer in a multiple choice exam and you choose B then changed it to C only to know that the correct answer is B?
How often do you follow your gut feelings? Or do you trust it enough and make decisions based on it? For me, gut feelings are great guide so I follow most of it especially in times that I have to make big decisions.

Sometimes, I also analyze situations but when it is somewhat confusing to decide on, I follow my gut feeling and it never fails me. It doesn’t mean that we should base everything on it but keep in mind that it is a gift given to people especially women, to protect, during the ancient times and is still existing even many years had passed.

So, are you then willing to listen to your instincts?