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Just what I have written in my last year’s year-end summary and new year’s bucketlist, I would want to say that it’s been really tough for me. Yes, it is. From the very first days of January until December 2015, there are so many challenges along my way, and I have passed some of it and there are those that are still in process- meaning, I have not yet resolved. Starting when I lost my job, to having anxiety attacks, health imbalances, family dilemma, relationship ambiguity, self-confusion, financial instability, there is one thing that I’d still want to hold on to which is the true Christian faith that I’ve known. When everything seem to breakdown, this is the only one standing still and helps me surpass the big trials of life. My sister always tell me to pray without ceasing because every now and then, many things or even people could put me to sorrow and she reminded me to always have faith in God. I’m also really thankful when I finally have a new job and have a peaceful environment here. The people, my colleagues, are supportive and encouraging, they somehow helped me relieve my anxiety and somehow resolve my  financial deficits. It’s my very first time to see a working environment that is so close to being a family. They support me in times I am troubled by many things. I’m also thankful that my newly opened online business of perfumes are starting to have new customers as well, though not that many for now (but hoping to have more in the next days). It is also very rewarding to help a child with her education though we are not blood-related, nor even met before… Maybe this is the real blessings behind those trials and finally, somehow even if I feel troubled, at the end of the day, my mind gets peace especially when I hear our Brother’s preaching in TV, before I sleep… it is mind-calmer and like a music to the soul.

Yes, 2015 has been really tough, there’s no question to that… but I stand in faith that the following days, weeks and years, would be fulfilling and ever beautiful.

Have a great year to everyone! ❤