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It is never too easy to spot the difference between the authentic and fake especially if their scent is almost similar. Usually, the top notes are always almost the same but time proves which is authentic and not.

lanvin eclat - authentic- hersheeizell (2)

(c) authentic

lanvin eclat - authentic- hersheeizell (3)

(c) authentic


lanvin eclat darpege- (c) izell (3)

(c) tester

lanvin eclat darpege- (c) izell (7)

(c) tester

The packaging: 

  1. The authentic Lanvin Eclat D‘ Arpege has a purple fluid that is not too light nor dark. The tester is either a light purple or blue-violet.
  2. The packaging / box is made hard plastic with text that cannot be scratched; At the bottom of it, you’ll see 78% volume for the authentic and 80% volume for the tester.
  3. The bottle is smooth round / globular with silver atomizer that has 2 layers and thinner than that of the tester which has 3 layers and is bigger.
  4. In the sticker of the tester that is found at the bottom, you’ll see the entire name of the perfume, Interparfums Paris Lanvin Eclat D’arpege 80% volume with its manufacturing place and other details in plain text. While in the authentic, you’ll see Interparfums Paris without the name of the perfume itself, 78% volume, therial number and the text are slightly embossed.
  5. The authentic has a gem design on the top of the cap and movable rings on its base while the testers usually have no cap. Well some of them has it but be sure to check if it is similar to the authentic.
  6. On the packaging, there is a very very small difference that you might not notice at all… The 3,3 and the 3.3 in the volume of the perfume. In Europe, most stores do not use 3.3 when they write numbers, instead they use 3,3. They use comma instead of dot. Look at some of the photos below for your guide.

screenshot from My Parfum’s website


lanvin eclat - authentic- hersheeizell (1)

(c) authentic Lanvin Eclat D’Arpege

lanvin eclat darpege- (c) izell (5)

(c) tester Lanvin Eclat D’arpege

The scent:

1. The authentic one opens with a light floral fragrance and after few minutes, opens with citrusy heart notes giving it a cheerful and elegant character. The tester opens with a stronger floral scent almost similar to the authentic and remains the same even after minutes.

2. The authentic somehow turns to a soft sweet scent after some hours and does not trigger headache upon first sniff.


So far these are the differences that I’ve found with the authentic and the tester. It’s really good to save money but we should not do it at the expense of our health. If they can replicate the authentic, how much more the testers? Come to think of it. They may smell the same but the content in them definitely are different. I’m not saying this to bash anyone. I just want to give ideas on how to spot the „not.“


Have a great day everyone!

Hershee Izell


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