Okay, so this is not the usual beauty tips nor words of encouragement like I used to write but random thoughts as I look back on thd past day.


Chair where you can wait and be patient

I am truly grateful for everything I have and don’t have right now. I learned to appreciate new things that are out of my comfort zone and still I am trying my best too, to deal with different people especially and enjoy every detail of their personality. I find it interesting getting to know new faces and names; It is not so easy though, each of them has their own behavior and sometimes I find it really hard to get along with a few… Having different beliefs and communication approches make it a little bit challenging for me. Being a young entrepreneur, I believe that I need to work on this, like making diplomacy as much as I can but not disregarding my own voice or stand amidst of it. I really want to improve on this. I am aware that this is something I need to pay attention to and master if I am starting in the business field.

Well, I don’t say that I am perfect but atleast I am aware that something must ve changed. In situations where people are trying to see how you’ll lose your self, how do you deal with it?