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Awhile ago, I was browsing my online accounts to check if there are notifications for new order or email about product inquiry and respond to it if needed. I felt happy because I received alot of new orders of perfume and I am really thankful for all of it. While checking for other emails, my phone beeped and I immediately looked at it, then I saw the sender, it was World Vision Organization. Before I opened the email, I had a small thought that it might be a copy of my receipt but I was surprised to see their message. It contains a letter from the child I am sponsoring…her name is Raizza. I felt glad, I felt excited to read it and see the way she writes. It is my first time to receive a letter from her and it is rewarding especially when I got to see her message. My heart has softened even more and I was touched. It’s like, I knew in my mind that it was right that I chose to sponsor her.


Masipag na bata sya and I am happy about it. She’s just 8 years old and I know there are so many years to spend helping her pa but I feel fulfilled about it, knowing that the small amount I have in my pocket can give a bright future for a kid like her. The first time I saw her photo when I was applying to be a sponsor, magaang ang loob ko and that’s why I choose her. Sabi ko nga, kung mayaman lang ako dadamihan ko pa mga sponsored child ko eh andami pa kasi na walang sponsor and I know how much they need help. But atleast in my own simple way, I can share something meaningful to a child who I never met yet… But hoping to … 🙂