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Price: Php 79 but I got it on sale for only 40

Availability: Watson’s Personal Care Store- not sure if this is available in all the outlets.

Country of Origin: U.S.A.





Bought this product last year of July or August because my lips were really dry and cracking that time and an ordinary lipbalm could not help me about it. I was attracted to it because it is made of organic materials as it is said in the label and most of its contents are potent moisturizers so I grab the chance to have it, also for the reason that I don’t usually see it in stores.





This contains beeswax, argan oil, olive oil, aloe leaf extract, shea butter and vitamin E. When I get to try it, I noticed that it is a little bit thin in consistency and glides easily on the lips. Just a dot size is enough to cover the lips. On the day after I used it, I noticed that my lips became supple and seem to have no cracks, even after I have already removed it.


(c) no flash, taken night time

It worked like a real wonder to me and I felt that it had made a right decision to buy it. I continued using it so that my lips would be fully treated. After some time, my cracked lips healed and it looked plumped and healthy. By the way, it may be somehow too thin to be used with a lipstick so you really have to blot it first if you want to use it that way, but I appreciate it on its own. I actually even use it to treat dry skin around the lips area (caused by toothpaste) and yes, the skin on that area improves like a plumped lips (moist, smooth and fine).

I still use it until now every night and I am always happy to wake up in the morning without cracked lips. By the way, it does not give me a whitish film on the inner lips after prolonged hours of use like some lipbalms do so I am really satisfied with it.

The packaging is so handy you jusy have to squeeze a little amount on your finger then apply it on your lips. During cold temperature, the oil hardens a bit and that is just okay you can still use it.

Will I recommend it? Yes, definitely especially to those who want a smoother and healthy lips. If you can see this in the store, I suggest you really try it and be amazed by how this little lippie would give you a sexy and healthy pucker.