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Truly, our generation has made a lot of stuff quite possible with just few clicks.

During the 90’s, you will see people drive to malls to purchase goods whether it is a pair of shoes for their graduation or their favourite dress for the cocktail event or even groceries. As the technology has improved in so many ways, one can buy and / or sell through the apps installed in his smart phone- As easy as that; even payments can be made very fast thru wireless transactions. While e-commerce is really helpful, especially for busy people, it can also create more hassle if the buyer is not that aware of what is being offered. Here are some effective tips in order to enjoy your transaction online either with your favourite seller, or newly discovered shop:

1. Legit Check- Make sure that the seller is a legitimate seller. Must be DTI registered as a proof that they really exist, with applicable permits according to the nature of their business. Also, read reviews / testimonials of their previous client; by that you will know if they do a smooth transaction or the other way around.



(c) ladiesthingsbyhersheeizell.com

2. Know the product you are buying- in online selling industry, you may also find knockoffs and it is widely spread anywhere. The reason many people still sell these products is because of the very low capital and “almost the same” quality as some claim. But there’s more danger in that because first, it is not approved by the FDA and it might contain substances that can be harmful for your health as a consumer. Second, you will get a low quality product and is also similar to supporting piracy. If you are not sure if the items you are buying is authentic or knockoff, the best is to go to official website of the company and buy from there.

3. Ask if there is a return policy- you need this so that if the item you received is not the one you ordered or is not in good condition, then atleast you can ask for a replacement or refund. Don’t buy to shops that do not offer a return policy, most of the time it is a scam. Beware of such.

4. Avoid blind buying- If you are not sure of what you are buying, you may read reviews online by different people who have already purchased it. Most likely, you will have an idea of that product. If it is possible to ask for a small sample, that would be best. If it is for clothing, try to ask the precise measurement like the length, bust circumference, etc… because some sizes really do vary. A blouse that is labelled as small might not be really small at all but rather larger than it. If it is a perfume, try to read the notes list so atleast you’ll know if you like the combination it has.

5. Use coupons whenever possible- You can save as much as 50% if you use a coupon when you buy online. Be alert and watchful when these sales come like the usual peak season of Christmas,

Valentine’s Day, Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, etc… Who knows you may get you favourite designer perfume or bag for just half or more than half of the original price.

Truly, our generation has made a lot of stuff quite possible with just few clicks. But we should always keep in mind that we are also responsible for what we do and what we avail, as a consumer, be it online