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For those people who know me since 2008, I am sure you’ll say yes to this. Then and now, I love lippies cause they emphasize this lovely asset (ohh asset, yes! hahah) of mine especially the ones in pastel colors- they are really youthful-looking and matches all kinds of outfit that I have so I do not have the difficulty in choosing colors. There was one thing that I really can’t wear after all I felt that it is so strong and head-turner which makes me feel shy and that is red lipstick.

jordana lipstick matte ambition 18- hershee izell (3)


Well, I tried wearing red lippies back then but I don’t feel comfortable with it as it looks really strong and it matures my image. To lessen its impact, I tried using red lip tint instead so that the color will be softer. That was nice but can’t fully appreciate it. Hmmm… I guess I might say that the lippies I’ve tried back then does not really match my skin and personality as well and often, I find it to have gray or blue undertone which something I don’t like and does not suit me at all.

To break this notion about red lippies, I went to the shop once more and looked for a kind of lipstick that is neutral red (not warm and not cool tone). I first found one from Revlon but I feel like it looks too bright for me so I grabbed the other one which is the Jordana Modern Matte Lipstick in Matte Ambition 18.

Price: Php 350

Availability: Watson’s Personal Care stores

Country of Origin: U.S.A.

jordana lipstick matte ambition 18- hershee izell (4)


This brand is new to me and I never read anything about it before and was a little bit challenging. As I test it at the counter, I check the texture and shade and I like it for being not so daring but classic. Yes, it is matte, something with powdery touch and not sticky nor too dry. I like how it enhances the shape of my lips whenever I apply it without using lipliner and the best thing is its longevity. It does not wear off even after drinking a cup of coffee and somehow leaves pigments even after I ate. It does not bleed too nor transfer to teeth even if I apply a little bit more so I can smile bright and confidently. The packaging is also good because it has a slanted rim that helps maintain the cut of the lipstick.






just a closer look (c)

I also got a lot of compliments from my colleagues when I started to use it; also, it became my trademark in work whenever we have so many clients to serve… For me it is an energy booster and a charm lippie as well to maintain good vibes.






If you tend to have dry lips, you might as well dab a little bit of lip balm before applying. Dab the lipstick too instead of dragging it from side to side so the product will not be cakey and cracking then spread it with your fingers and you’ll achieve the best lips that you always want.

All in all, I want this lippie for keeps as it is really affordable and high-quality.