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Hi everyone!

Is it still rainy outside? I hope all of you are safe too. Today is the start of my language training and I am so happy to be here. First, it is because I am about to learn another language and second is I am able to meet new friends in here. My schedule is only 4 hours and we are not allowed to be late without any valid reason. It is quite challenging for me because I have a duty to attend in the afternoon later but I believe that with God’s help, I can surpass it.

First things first. Don’t go to class without taking your breakfast because this is  where you’ll get your energy for the day. The good thing is, I can eat while on the way because there are bakeries near our place that sells healthy and fresh pandesal. I was able to taste both of it and I can compare which one has the higher points for me.

To introduce, they are the Charlie and Emong Pandesal … both of them contain malunggay. As far as I know they have branches on different places as well so you can try and taste their special pandesal if you found them.

charlie 1

charlie malunggay pandesal (c)

charlie 2

charlie malunggay pandesal (c)

charlie 3

closer look inside- charlie malunggay pandesal (c)

I love the way they are served hot as it increases my appetite and also they are soft.

1.Charlie pandesal is bigger in size and has finer crumbs as compared to Emong that has larger grain of crumbs and a little bit smaller in size.

2. The Charlie pandesal also has more malunggay inside and out of the bread and you can really see it.

3. Emong has malunggay grains that can be seen too but not as many as one in Charlies.


emongs malunggay pandesal- (c)

emong 2

closer look of emong malunggay pandesal- (c)

4. Emong Pandesal is toasted and is great if you want something that has more texture when you bite but the only thing I don’t like about emong is that, it easily hardens few minutes after I bought it. The bread turns into something hard like a stone and it makes difficult for me to bite especially I have braces and my teeth are always sensitive.

5. The charlie pandesal is still soft and chewy from the time I bought it from the bakery until the next day when I eat the excess.


These are the the things I noticed about it and you can give it a try to see how it is. ^_^ For me, Charlie’s Malunggay pandesal wins over Emong’s Malunggay Pandesal. All in all, they are both healthy and delicious especially with a hot cup of chocolate or coffee.