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Hallo Leute!

Today, I would like to write a short review for each fragrance I have here namely: Revlon Charlie Blue, Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk, Hershee Izell Cherish, The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose, Burberry Baby Touch and Bath&Body Paris Amour. I’ve been using these fragrances interchangeably and I believe it is also nice if I share it with you… honestly, I love them all.



  1. Revlon Charlie Blue– This is a fragrance for women that was first launched in 1973. The notes are: sandal wood, geranium, rose, jasmine, musk and oakmoss. For me, it smells sharp and soapy in the opening with a mossy appeal and a touch of spice making it more suitable on warm-hot days, but still goes well in an air-conditioned room. After couple of hours, to estimate, around 2-3 hours, the florals are slowly surfacing making it more classic than its opening scent. I feel the vintage quality of this perfume when I wear it. Some said that the new releases has changed its formulation and the first batches were better than the current. The one I have now is the current version of Charlie Blue and I can say that it smells good and it actually lasts the day. I only spray in the morning and never re-spray on the mid day and yet the fragrance’s projection is really nice; the sillage is moderate but can be heavy depending on the amount you applied.

2. Body Fantasies Fresh White Musk– This is a fragrance for women launched in 2000 and has the notes of musk and white flowers. Oh how I love this body spray. It smells like The Body Shop’s White Musk in a more affordable price. It is really light and fresh which is good for daytime scent and if you want to go and work out, then this one is a good choice. I love spraying it on my pullover because it last for couple of days and gets even more fragrant. On its opening, it smells a little bit strong for a body mist but later fades into an elegant and fresh musky scent. By the way, it also smells like a unisex fragrance so it can be used by men / women and layer it with other perfumes.


3. Cherish by Hershee Izell– This is a fragrance launched in 2016 and the notes are: mango, tangerine, vanilla, ambergris, iris and cashmere wood. This is also my very first perfume creation (Cheers!!!). I really love this perfume knowing that it was handmade with a certain character, translated into a scent. On the opening, I smell the tangerine and mango giving it a fresh and sweet scent without the cloying effect. On my skin, they smell different depending on what part I put it. On my wrist, I can smell the vanilla and woods after couple of minutes giving it a rich and more sophisticated appeal; at the inner part of my elbow,  the tangerine is intensified and somehow I smell iris, giving it a little bit of flowery and powdery scent; on parts of my clothes, it smells powdery and woodsy. Depending on where I apply it, the scent that I smell differs maybe because of my skin chemistry related to the perfume. It is really really really long lasting. As I said, I apply it on my wrist and inner elbow and you know what, when I carry my bag, the fragrance is also transferred there (This is an honest review guys, don’t think that I am lifting my own chair here okay). And also, I notice that it is oily so when you apply it to your skin, it will become a little bit shiny. Good for daily scent with a glamorous impact.

4. The Body Shop White Musk Smoky Rose– This is a fragrance launched in 2013. Top notes are bergamot, pink pepper and black currant; middle notes are tobacco blossom, black rose, orange blossom and immortelle; base notes are olibanum and white musk. I am not familiar with some of its notes to be honest, but the most prominent notes that I smell here are tobacco blossom, white musk, bergamot, and the rose. Well, the rose here is not too obvious and it is well blended with the tobacco and musk making it a beautiful floral-oriental. It is not really long lasting so I just put some more if it is not anymore projecting. It is also not a spicy type so don’t worry about getting a sharp opening. I got curious of it so I tried and bought immediately. It is seductive  and mysterious and definitely lovely… One of my favorites!

5. Bath and Body Works Paris Amour– This is a wonderful fragrance launched in 2011. The top notes are mandarin zest mixed with strawberry, currant leaves and blossom, pink apple blossom, along with fresh and floral kisses of dewy freesia; Middle notes provide a true floral bliss with jasmine petals, French tulip, lotus and frangipani. Base notes are French vanilla, coconut milk, amber, sandalwood and pleasant creamy musk. I have reviewed previously the BBW Paris Amour lotion and I love the touch of sophistication it gives whenever I apply it. The smooth combination of florals and rich base notes has made it one of a kind. It is a scent that I don’t usually smell anywhere to think that most ladies love the sweet and floral kind of perfumes. It smells fresh and light but has  good longevity. It does not last the whole day but long enough for a body mist, maybe 4-6 hours. The prominent notes that I notice here are mandarin zest, freesia, apple blossom, jasmine, French vanilla, coconut milk. It is a good choice for teens and those in their 20’s because it is refreshing and youthful and really feminine.  Lastly,

6. Burberry Baby Touch– It is a perfume launched in 2002. Top notes are rhubarb, orange, mandarin orange, lemon verbena and mint; middle notes are cyclamen, orange blossom, lily-of-the-valley and jasmine; base notes are vanilla, moss and milk. I really love this scent. It smells so innocent, soft and sweet like a baby. On the opening, I notice mild citrus scent and later, the milk and vanilla opens and it is so relaxing. I feel like a young girl whenever I wear it, usually at bedtime because the projection and sillage are weak and if you’ll wear it on a very busy day, it seems like it will just pass by without being noticed. I mean, if you want to appreciate its fragrance, make sure that you are not exposed to outdoor activities. The surprising thing about it is the longevity. Well on my bedtime shirt, it lasts for couple of days but it is very soft and delicate. The creator of this fragrance is great because he was able to make a soft yet long lasting scent. On my skin, it smells amazing as the musk becomes prominent and blends well on it. For me, this gives a break on the heavy fragrances I wear during daytime.

Sooooo long post.. but I do hope that I was able to give you a satisfactory review about these lovely fragrances in my mini collection.

Bis Bald!