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Who would not be happy with this French skin care product? For sure you ladies are also curious with this one, so let me give you an insight before you try it. This is actually my second time to buy; I got the 50ml bottle at Landmark Trinoma for only Php 495 because they were on 50% sale and the bigger bottle from Zalora for only Php 875, on a 60% off the price. So, from time to time, better check it to save more, as it is sold for Php 990 and 1700 on a regular basis.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse is a multi-purpose dry oil that contains 6 precious botanical oils (macadamia, sweet almond, hazel, camellia oleifera, borago officinalis, olive) and some other nourishing oils and extracts  (sunflower, rosemary, tomato) that can be used on face & body skin and hair for moisturizing, repairing and softening the target areas. Maybe the reason why it is called a dry oil because, it doesn’t feel greasy nor sticky and is easily absorbed once you apply it. It also contains a light floral fragrance, similar to Revlon Charlie Red (somewhat with a touch of jasmine, with a hint of mild sweet and fresh scent) that is not so long lasting but really seductive and enticing. 

I usually use this after taking a bath while my skin is still damp so as to retain moisture and on times when my skin becomes very dry. It is best used together with a lotion for enhanced results. I would like also to tell that recently, I had a skin asthma attack, where tiny red bumps appeared on my skin due to rising temperatures and is very very itchy especially if sweat gets in contact with it so I temporarily stopped applying. I do not advice to use this one on the affected areas as it can even get worse. If you have the same condition, please be careful and seek advice of your dermatologist before applying it. 

On my facial skin, since it was not affected by the skin asthma (oh girl, I am a bit lucky not to have one in this area), I noticed that my skin seldom had blemishes and looks radiant even after waking up. Maybe because the ingredients are natural so it did not break me out. On my hair, it is very nice because it doesnt make it feel heavy, unlike other leave on products that makes hair sticky and attracts dust and later becomes dandruff. It makes my hair shiny and manageable. Having a very long hair means better care and maintainance and I found Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse a good choice for me. Just a little spray makes a big diffrrence and adds glow and life not only to the hair but on skin as well.

Overall, I love this product because of the good quality for the price. Also, it is an all-in-one skin care for me so I am saving more with this. Just a few notes of caution of you have allergies or skin asthma. For normal skin, surely you would love it even in warmer or cooler temperatures.