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So, I didn’t know about it for the past years until I saw post of my friends on social media about it but atleast now I know that such exists. I am thankful to have great friends who I still have communication with until now. Truly if friendship is genuine, it never gets old… And even years had passed, the bond is still the same. As much as I would like to call and text you all, I just couldn’t do it out of my hectic schedule for now.

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And with this short post, I hope it would also be helpful to reach those friends of mine who I don’t have contact with anymore, or even those who became special to me yet ended going the opposite direction, or an almost-special-one.. hmmm, maybe this is a good thing to offer… FRIENDSHIP.. Yes, we can be friends even if it means we are not meant to be partners-in-crime 🙂
See you then!! You can message or call me if you still have my details with you and maybe we can talk… Again! Ciao ciao!! 🙂